Oman launches platform to empower gig economy

January 24, 2023

By the HR Observer Staff

The Omani’s National Employment Programme launched a self-employment platform collaboration with AWJ Innovation and Occidental Oman to encourage the self employed individuals to connect with potential employers.

“Self employment is one of the initiatives launched by the National Employment programme in partnership with the concerned authorities with the aim of providing integrated and interrelated facilities for self employed individuals in the Sultante of Oman,” said Azhar al Kindi, Executive Director of the National Employment Programme, as quoted by Oman Observer.

The new platform will allow self employed individuals to create officials accounts and conduct business to business transactions.

“We are working with the General Secretariat of the Tender Board and the Oman Investment Authority to allocated 10% of tenders and contracts to freelancers. We are also negotiating with banks to facilitate the matter of personal financing for self employed individuals,” he added, explaining that due to these steps, it was necessary to create a database for self employed individuals.

Oman has been putting in new policies to help individuals find work outside the conventional ways. According to statistics by the World Bank, unemployment in Oman is 3.10% in 2021 which increased by 0.8% from 2020.

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