55% of Global Tech Professionals Open to Relocating, New Study Finds

June 19, 2024 thehrobserver-hrobserver-technology

The majority of the global tech professionals are willing to relocate for the right opportunity, with a significant 37 % open to an international move, a new study reveals.

The study, based on data from over 2000 tech professionals working across various platforms including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft 365, Azure, NetSuite, and Salesforce, highlights the growing trend of tech workers being open to exploring new locations in pursuit of career advancement. 

Tenth Revolution Group President, Zoë Morris, emphasised the benefits of relocation in expanding job prospects and navigating talent scarcity challenges in today’s competitive market.

“55% is a really substantial portion of working tech professionals, and I firmly believe that their openness to relocation will serve them well in today’s market. Relocation widens the possibilities for new opportunities,” said Morris in a statement. 

“And in a landscape where more than half of hiring managers working with Salesforce technology have told us that talent scarcity is their main organisational challenge,” Morris continued, “the tech professional who’s prepared to move for the right role is in a strong position – especially if they’re scanning the horizon for other regional markets and potentially considering relocating internationally.”

Within the global markets, tech layoffs have been less severe in comparison to the U.S. market, potentially encouraging job-insecure tech workers to consider opportunities abroad. 

Factors such as political events and the rise of digital nomadism have contributed to an increasing trend of migration, according to a research by Deel on the state of Global Hiring.

While highly paid American tech workers may face salary differences when working abroad, lifestyle improvements, lower living costs, and favorable tax schemes are appealing incentives for many considering international job opportunities.


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