Saudi Arabia Hosting Expo 2030? Here is What an Expert Says Could Happen

December 8, 2023 hr-hrobserver-saudiarabia-saudi

Hosting a significant event, like an expo in Saudi Arabia, can attract a great deal of talent, especially in specific sectors. Here’s an overview of the potential impact and incentives for talent considering opportunities in Saudi Arabia.

We asked Vikram Malhotra, Managing Director of MENA at Outsized, talent on-demand platform, and here is what he said are the opportunities:

Influx of Major Talent can be expected in KSA

In PwC’s 2022 survey, it was revealed that 58% of respondents in Saudi Arabia and 46% in the UAE acknowledged the existence of a shortage of specialised skills in their respective countries. This data is particularly noteworthy when considering various sectors that experience increased demand during significant events like expos.

For example, in the infrastructure and construction industry, expos often drive heightened activity, and the identified shortage of specialised skills becomes a crucial factor to address. Similarly, the hospitality and tourism sector may find its demand for skilled professionals in hotel management, customer service, and culinary arts.

Additionally, the technological and innovative advancements showcased at expos emphasize the need for experts in these areas.

There are Incentives to Work in Saudi Arabia, such as:

The appeal of the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia, for professionals seeking career growth is underscored by exposure to large-scale projects and international collaborations. This dynamic environment provides a platform for individuals aspiring to advance their careers through involvement in impactful initiatives on a grand scale.

Moreover, the financial benefits in the region, characterised by competitive and often tax-free salaries, serve as a compelling incentive for international talent.

Notably, with Saudi Arabia emerging as one of the fastest-growing markets in the region, professionals are drawn not only to the promising career opportunities but also to the financial advantages associated with the country’s rapid economic development.

This combination of professional growth prospects and attractive financial rewards positions the Middle East, and particularly Saudi Arabia, as an appealing destination for ambitious professionals seeking a robust and rewarding career landscape.

Who will go there?

  • Global Experts and Consultants: Specialists in urban planning, environmental sustainability, and renewable energy and technology may find exciting opportunities.
  • Creative and Cultural Professionals: Artists, designers, and cultural experts could be attracted to the growing focus on arts and culture in Saudi Arabia.
  • Hospitality and Service Industry Professionals: With an expected increase in tourism, this sector will likely see increased demand.
  • Academics and Educators: Saudi Arabia’s investment in education and research may provide compelling opportunities for academics and educators in various fields.
  • Event management experts – With this expo several opportunities will open up for Event specialists and consultants. 

In conclusion, hosting an Expo in Saudi Arabia could create a diverse range of opportunities, attracting talent from different sectors driven by both professional and personal incentives.

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