Regulating Business Hours Could Relief Amman’s Traffic Woes: Study

August 30, 2023

A recent study Amman Chamber of Commerce (ACC) said that regulating the commercial sector’s operating hours will have a positive impact on Amman by reducing operational costs and relieving traffic.

The study, which was reported by The Jordan Times, was conducted by the Policy and Studies Department of the Chamber in collaboration with the Ad-Dustour Centre for Economic Studies. 

Jordan Times said that the study surveyed the opinions of 3,000 commercial establishment owners representing 18 professions and sectors. 

“The aim of the study was to learn the general opinion about regulating working hours — both opening and closing times — for commercial entities across 19 geographic regions within GAM boundaries,” reported the newspaper.

“The study proposed that the system’s trial phase will be initiated in Amman, whereby GAM, in coordination with the Amman Chamber of Commerce, will issue regulations specifying the opening and closing hours of commercial entities within the city’s boundaries,” added the newspaper. 

“Almost 60 % of commercial establishment owners support the idea of regulating operating hours, while 24.5% do not,” the study explained.

According to Jordan Times, the study said that business owners highlighted the successful experience of regulated hours during the COVID-19 pandemic, where opening and closing times were set by the government.

“Almost 53 % of proponents of regulated hours suggested a specific opening time in the morning, with a proposed starting time of 10am throughout the year,” the study added.

The study looked at workers in commercial establishment owners in 18 different sub-sectors, including clothing, fabrics, curtains, footwear, restaurants, coffee shops, supermarkets, pharmacies, electronics, and more.

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