CHRO Talks: Leadership, Project Management and Team Dynamics

May 21, 2024



In this interview, Imran Ahmed, the Group Chief HR Officer at Jashanmal National Co, shared valuable insights on managing projects and teams effectively. Drawing from his extensive experience, Ahmed explained the significant  role of leadership and structured project management in driving any project’s success.

Leadership and ambition: cascading enthusiasm

“Your role as a project manager or as a project lead is to cascade that ambition and that excitement down through to everybody who is participating in the team,” he explained.

According to him, project leaders not only envision ambitious goals but also must communicate this vision compellingly to their teams. This enthusiasm is crucial for fostering a motivated and aligned team.

The role of optimism and structure

He spoke further on the  importance of optimism, ambition, and clear structure when embarking on a project.

He elaborated on the dual nature of structure, which encompasses both procedural frameworks and organisational spatial arrangements.

“When I say structure, it is in two senses, one from a process point of view… [but] also from an organisational sense of space,” he explained.

Organisational structure, he explains, involves integrating expertise and meeting project requirements.

“You may not know exactly like you said, whether the structure will work or not. But again, you have a certain vision board, and you have a belief that in order to deliver that particular objective. What kind of capabilities do you have and how do you sync them together?”

Challenges in project management

Addressing the inherent challenges in managing projects, he explains the complexities of dealing with human dynamics in organisational settings. Unlike other domains where logic prevails, HR professionals must navigate both emotional and logical aspects to enable employees to become their best selves.

“It is never easy dealing with human beings and in an organisational setting,” he said, explaining further that effective leadership in HR involves balancing emotional and logical considerations.

The power of communication

He explains that communication is a critical component of successful project management. Clear goal setting, defining expectations, and strong leadership are fundamental in establishing robust projects.

“You need to manage and make sure that the emotional aspect is taken care of,” he added, highlighting that attentive and empathetic communication can significantly enhance team dynamics and project outcomes.


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