Gen Z to Surpass Boomers in the Workforce in 2024, Glassdoor

November 17, 2023 thehrobserver-hrobserver-GenZ-boomers

Gen Z is poised to overtake Baby Boomers in the full-time workforce by early 2024, said Glassdoor, adding that it is a shift that will create a different culture within the U.S. companies.

“The coming year will still represent a pivotal moment of cultural change that U.S. companies cannot ignore as Gen Z workers – who care deeply about community connections, about having their voices heards in the workplace, about transparent and responsive leadership, and about diversity and inclusion- – make up a rapidly growing share of the workforce,” Glassdoor wrote.

Boomers were the largest generation in the full-time workforce from the late 1970s until late 2011. Followed by Gen X  who had a brief period of generational workforce dominance from 2012 to 2018, but were over taken by Millennials.

Millennials and Gen X still outnumber Gen Z, and Millennials are poised to dominate the workforce for many years to come, said Glassdoor.

“By our estimates, Gen Z won’t outnumber Millennials in the workforce until sometime in the early 2040s,” they added. 

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