Mental Health Inventory: How Are You Feeling?

March 20, 2024 thehrobserver-hrobserver-mentalhealth

Navigating the modern workplace represents a myriad of provocations, at the forefront of those challenges is mental health. While the workplace is often seen as a space for productivity and professional growth, it can also be a setting for individuals to experience significant mental health stressors.

Juanita Kwarteng, Diversity and Inclusion Manager at Publicis Groupe Canada believes that reminding herself of the basics when she feels emotional helps ground her and remain present.

“It also helps me to feel more compassion for myself,” she told The HR Observer in a note.

“I have noticed that when emotions get complicated it can be easy to forget that going back to basics can make all the difference. Am I sleeping? Am I eating? Have I been outside? What am I believing? Having all the basics in front of me in a chart makes it easier for me to remember that I will be ok,” Kwarteng wrote in a LinkedIn post.

Here is a checklist, she uses to ensure that she practices mental health:

Editor’s Note: I saw Kwarteng’s list on her LinkedIn so I approached to re-publish it on the website. At The HR Observer, our editorial strategy revolves around fostering a community where individuals share tips to navigate the ever-expanding modern workplace.We hope this checklist helps you.


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