The Alphabet Of Strategy Management

August 10, 2023

Do you and your employees have a shared vision of the future? Have you defined success in clear and measurable terms? Will you recognise success when you see it? Do you help your employees systematically prioritise work according to strategy? Do your employees commit to getting things done by a date? Are their personal objectives aligned with strategy?

Join Balanced Scorecard Institute Senior Vice President, Joe DeCarlo, on this webinar and learn how mastering these important strategy management tools might be the secret to your organisation’s success.

Whether you are charged with improving performance in your organisation, implementing OKRs, revising an existing balanced scorecard system, or implementing a new strategic planning and management system, this complimentary webinar will help you orient yourself with the latest thinking in strategic formulation and execution.

During this session, you will develop a basic level understanding of:
• How balanced scorecards, KPIs and OKRs are used to improve organisation performance
• Benefits of improved strategic planning and strategy execution
• How measurement can help your organisation succeed
• How to overcome common implementation challenges

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