Hi. I am the owner of a growing start-up in Cairo. Our small company has been growing consistently over the past few years, and we’ve decided that now is the right time to add a full HR team to our company structure. Before beginning the interview process, what do I need to know about effective HR professionals and teams, so that I can ensure that the professionals I hire are high performers?

Career advancement opportunities rank as the top reason why employees join or leave organisations, according to new research from Towers Watson, a leading global professional services company. The 2014 Talent Management and Rewards and Global Workforce Studies have shown that companies continue to face challenges attracting and retaining talent, with 60% of employers experiencing difficulties with retaining highly qualified people.

Having Flexible Benefits can be critical for some multinationals that are based in countries where the state provision is relatively low and therefore have a multitude of private offerings. These organisations then apply the same Flexible Benefits strategies that are suitable for their specific countries on the global level, importing them to other regions. However, the same Flexible Benefits programmes that are so big in the US or in Europe become a lot less prevalent in the Middle East