More Saudis are Joining the Private Sector

February 6, 2024 thehrobserver-hr-neom-saudi

The total number of workers in the private sector in Saudi Arabia reached 11.054 million during the month of January, according to a report by the National Labor Observatory (NLO).

These numbers are due to the increase in activities of the human resources and social development system, increased job creation and private sector prosperity, in addition to economic reforms and government support.

The report said that the number of Saudi citizens working in the private sector during the month of January reached 2.327 million, 1.375 million are men and  952400 are females. 

Meanwhile, the number of expatriates in the private sector reached 8.72 million, 8.386 million men and 33979 women. 

The “Overview of the Saudi labor market in the private sector” is published on a monthly basis to review the most prominent statistics and figures of the past month. 


The HR Observer

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