LinkedIn Launches Tool to Help Employees Look for Jobs Internally

March 7, 2024 hr-observer-jobs-recruitment

LinkedIn is launching new career development and internal mobility features across the platform that will help in connecting talents with the right organisations.

The Next Role Explorer is built to be a dynamic career path visualisation tool that recommends potential next roles to employees within their company based on their current title and career goals.

“I’m excited to share that these features will be rolling out this month to all customers using both our hiring and learning products globally,” Jill Raines, director of product management at LinkedIn, said in a blog post.

Through the platform, employees will be able to access customised learning plans designed to monitor their advancement in crucial skills necessary for career progression. These plans will offer suggestions looking at both the technical expertise and interpersonal abilities, to empower employees to develop and secure promotions.

LinkedIn said that their new tool helps them promote new roles based on people who have made a similar job change. Nonetheless,provide a personalised curriculum of content to start learning hard and soft skills relevant to the job. 

The new tool will help people who want to advance their career by recommending the skills needed to advance to the next stage. 

“Especially in the age of AI, when jobs are changing on us even if we’re not changing jobs, these tools can help organisations align skill development to what their company needs – all informed by LinkedIn’s unique insights of over 41,000+ skills that our 1 billion members have added to their profiles,” said Raines. 

According to various talent development surveys, different markets are witnessing a continuous migration of talent seeking to acquire diverse skill sets. Hiring managers recognise that enabling their employees to explore new career paths is key to retaining them within the company and preventing turnover.

Lack of learning and development remains to be on top of the list of reasons for why people change their jobs. Therefore, LinkedIn explains that they continue to build internal features to promote internal mobility, urging leaders to “make it part of their holistic hiring strategy.”


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