8% Emiratis Want To Start Their Business

May 19, 2023 thehrobserver-hrobserver-Emiratis

These findings came in a survey conducted in January 2023 in which the company asked 500 respondents.

About 8% of Emiratis want to start their own business, while 41% of Emiratis are uncertain about changing jobs, indicating satisfaction but openness to new opportunities, said TASC Outsourcing,  a recruitment company. 

These findings came in a survey conducted in January 2023 in which the company asked 500 respondents. The study aimed to understand the representation of Emiratis in the country’s workforce. 

“As we march towards ‘We the UAE 2031’, Emiratization will be one of the strong pillars supporting this vision and a key performance indicator of its success. This report will be a perfect guide to identify challenges and apply market insights to implement Emiratization in the right spirit and speed,” said Mahesh Shahdadpuri, CEO of TASC Outsourcing. 

Emiratization is a national policy that requires private sector companies with 50 skilled employees and upwards to have 4% Emiratis in their workforce by the end of 2023. 

According to the survey, a majority of Emiratis, 77%, consider job sites as a popular medium to seek jobs, followed by company websites, 13%, and recruitment agencies and references (5%). This also highlights the need for employers to promote their openings through multiple job portals.  

The survey explains that apart from salary packages, job benefit, job security, and career development are the top 3 influential factors for Emirati job seekers considering a new role. 

“There has been a growing trend towards work-life balance and job fulfilment among Emirati job seekers in the UAE. While 66% of Emirati respondents showed interest in finding a role that aligns with their sense of purpose, 18% plan to stay with their current employer, and another 8% aim to start their own business, displaying a desire for entrepreneurship – in line with the government’s initiative of the ‘Projects of the 50’,” explained Abdulmuttalib (Talib) Hashim, an Emiratization Consultant. 

The survey respondents said that the three most important benefits are upskilling, job location and working hours, and flexible working options. 

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