Reskilling Revolution Boost Over 600 Million People with Better Education, Skills and Job Opportunities by 2030

January 17, 2024 thehrobserver-hrobserver-education-skills-job

The World Economic Forum said on Wednesday that more than 680 million people are being reached with better skills, job opportunities and education through commitments made as part of its Reskilling Revolution initiative.

“With 23 percent jobs changing over the next four years and 40% of work-hours likely impacted by generative AI, investing in human capital initiatives like the Reskilling Revolution today is fundamental to getting ahead of disruptions to livelihoods and key to solving the environmental, technological and economic challenges of tomorrow,” said Saadia Zahidi, Managing Director at the World Economic Forum.

The Reskilling Revolution was launched at WEF in 2020 aims to implement public-private initiatives with the goal of providing 1 billion people with better education, skills and economic opportunities by 2030.

Public and private sector leaders are convening in Davos-Klosters, Switzerland, to advance an ambitious agenda to empower and prepare people for the future of jobs.

WEF said in a statement that the  initiative is on track to reach over 680 million people by the end of the decade. The Reskilling Revolution initiative engages over 350 companies and 20 Country Accelerators.

“The rise of global digital jobs is shaping new frontiers of work. With the right investments and policies, this can ensure a dynamic and inclusive future. Thanks to the research done alongside the Forum and with data support from Faethm by Pearson, we can expect over 90 million global digital jobs by 2030,” said Claudia Crummenerl, Managing Director, Capgemini Invent.

WEF said that those who take part within these initiatives are being equipped with the skills and knowledge required for jobs in emerging industries. 

According to WEF, over half of on-going activities are focusing on green and digital jobs, reflecting the importance of combining green and digital skills to power the green transition. 

Members of the Reskilling Revolution highlight AI and big data, technology literacy, leadership and social influencing as the skills of highest priority.

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