A Vision To Create A More Co-Leadership System 

October 10, 2023 thehrobserver-hrobserver-leadershipsystem

With changes in the global economic ecosystem and various crises within different regions in terms of ideology and economic models among others, some people are coming up with ideas to test new models that can work. 

“Our idea is to create a creative ecosystem, one window to support others,” Dr. Dmitry Zaytsev, a Dubai based businessman and the founder of the Dandelion International Diplomatic Business Club.

Dmitry Zaytsev, Co-founded this club with  and reputed author Sergey Dvoryanov. From their personal experience they have come to terms that peace is the only way to move forward, which is why they launched it on the International Peace Day. 

“We have to develop ourselves, so that’s why we are bringing people together,” he explains, adding “What are the values, what are the goals, it has been years that I have been thinking about this.” 

The values he speaks of include uniting leaders  whether investors, businessmen, professionals, confessors, innovators, artists, creators, diplomats, and  scientists. 

The diplomacy that the club discusses stands for people’s diplomacy rather than intergovernmental diplomacy. According to the co-founders, the club could serve as a laboratory to test new ideas, including small groups, projects, business tests, and open discussions.

The club was inaugurated on the 21st of september which is the international peace day. The first branch is in Dubai and the founders are eying India next given its “huge potential.” Other branches will include China, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, with a goal to open up to branches within 50 countries.

“People need to be part of something big,” he adds. 

The members of this club will either  be invited by the Club’s management or recommended by existing members. Through their membership they will work on international business development, starting from business and investment consulting to legal and accounting services, banking and cryptocurrency services to a startup incubator and even an insurance fund to cover business risks.

Zaytsev explains that they are looking to open minds and open the hearts of  people. Those who are creative and want to interact between business and the government. Accordingly, the economic aspect is one part of the formula for the club but the other which cis vital for the founder is the social aspect of it. 

He explains that within business people are focused on clients, “because they are our boss,” but in social connections “we focus mostly on ourselves.” Zaytsev who originally comes from Russia speaks about how the lack of collaboration creates conflicts which makes him want to connect more people on social level to bring everyone closer.

“Leadership is mostly a huge responsibility for people because every decision in the vertical system could be good for people or could be bad. The vision of one person could be good for millions, in other cases could be disastrous,” he explains. 

“I think it’s bad that we belong to such leaders and cannot do anything,” he adds. 

Zaytsev and his partner believe that they are building a platform that will work through a partnership system, bringing in different people from all walks of life to discuss how to make themselves and others better. 

“It is important to open discussions, include different opinions and we will do it,” he adds.

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