By Frederik Haentjens

Have you ever heard of the term digital transformation? What does it really mean?

Digital transformation refers to the investments made to ideas and behaviour that make a change in the way we work. It seeks to make use of technological developments to ensure faster and better services to users.

In the modern world, digital transformation is a complete necessity. Technology has changed the way we live and businesses should make the change to remain in business. For example, there has been a steady growth of online shopping all over the world. With the entrance of the Covid pandemic, the growth became more fast and widespread. Businesses have to embrace digital methods of operation to stay in business.

Having stated the importance of digital transformation for businesses, governments must do all that is necessary to support the transformation. In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, qualitative steps have been taken to ensure a smooth and speedy transition.

The government has adopted a state-of-the-art telecommunications technology as well as ICT technology. In doing this, it has strongly supported a knowledge based economy and e-commerce. This translates to improved way of living for both the citizens and other residents.

What has the KSA done to ensure the success of this vision to be a digital economy?

First, the government has spread awareness of electronic processes in throughout most sectors in the Kingdom. It has made in necessary for government agencies to digitalize their process as well as elevated the degree of the technology’s receptiveness in government agencies. The government has taken a further step by establishing the National Committee for Digital Transformation. Through this body, all rules brought about by legislation and policies focusing on digital transformation for government agencies are formulated. The committee also oversees the digitalization of private businesses as well.

With the high growth of the digital economy, it has become a necessity for businesses to make the change. What tips can companies use to enable a smooth transition?

To start with, an important thing to do is to enable the transition in a good environment. Businesses should be fast top adapt and continue with its operations while making the digital transformation at the same time. A company must not halt its operations to aid digital transformation. It can take advantage of the cloud connection in the process. This will ensure the transition does not interfere with business continuity.

For a firm’s digital transformation process, the following should be aimed at. First, it has to be done fast and with minimal risks. The firm should also possess agility by making use of high level hybrid technology to simplify the process. It has to have insights to capture relevant data and analyse them in a timely manner. The process also has to be secure.

From this article, it is clear that firms in KSA have no option but to adopt digital transformation. Governments have made the first move towards this by offering the necessary support to these firms.