Recruiting – Millennials expect to be challenged so don’t over promise and under deliver. Set Clear expectations.

Meritocracy not hierarchy – Gen Y have a low tolerance for political bureaucracy and don’t buy the “tenure” or “chain of command” approach. They believe in open and honest communication and feedback in all directions.

Outside the box benefits – Add some atypical offerings to your benefits mix such as iTunes gift cards, gym memberships or a performance based rewards points program.

Work life balance – Gen Y want something beyond an all consuming career. They want true work life balance. They believe that they can raise their children, spend time with family and social networks and still meet challenges and achieve goals at both home and at work.

Coaching and communication – Gen Y believe that communication is key in all  directions, up, down, and lateral. Create an environment where they are encouraged and rewarded for speaking up regarding ideas and concerns, regardless of level in the organization

Tap into technology – Gen Y are used to technology; some were even born with it at their fingertips. Don’t shy away from new technologies that enable telecommuting or virtual work environments, or that help contribute to work life balance.

‘Connectedness’ – Gen Y need to feel connected to the organization to remain engaged. They expect a seat at the table, want questions answered directly, often challenge the status quo, and have a need to understand the big picture.

Make it fun! – Gen Y expect to bring their full selves to work. Create a fun “bring your full self and be who you are” culture.

This article was written by Scott Span. He is an organizational development and change consultant who works in the public and private sector focusing on culture, engagement, retention, performance and sustainability.

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