What are the Top Office Fit Out Trends for 2024?

February 14, 2024 thehrobserver-hrobserver-officefurniture

Workplaces have been reshaped to incorporate not only working within the office but also accommodating those working remotely.

Therefore, organisations now are directed to design spaces that provide flexibility, and have the ability to adopt the hybrid model.

In this year, Eco-friendly designs are viewed as a growing trend, to promote the work. These designs include energy-saving LED lighting, motion sensors, timeless designs, and modular and adaptable furniture are progressively being recognised as a requirement.

Thoughtfully designed breakout areas that drive engagement, creativity, and renewal through experiential spaces promoting informal connection are all part of the new office designs that firms are looking at.

“Eco-driven designs in workplaces play an important role in reducing the carbon footprint and promoting sustainability. It’s also seen to have a better effect in promoting employee wellbeing, leading to overall satisfaction,” said Stacy Stewart, MEA Regional Director, MillerKnoll.

Nonetheless, creating strategic office lighting elevates engagement to upholding wellness and safety. The importance of lighting includes mitigating eye fatigue risks that help employees focus, quality lighting systems reinforce alertness and concentration throughout dynamic workdays.

“Using illumination that mimics natural daylight, such as cool tones, provides a bright, crisp light that helps employees feel more alert and energized while reducing eye strain,” Stewart added.

MillerKnoll, a workplace design company, believes that this year there will be some of the most interesting designs that reflect that they are future-ready workplaces centered on connection, well-being, and change.

“Dedicated breakout zones provide the opportunity for informal discussions, where conversations can spark creativity. Outside of informal meetings, they are a great way for employees to relax and take a break from their screens,” explained Stewart. The idea behind strategic furnishings is that it can create a balance of professionalism with relaxation to enable recharging and relationship building.

MillerKnoll identified the top 6 emerging trends shaping office spaces this year will showcase different priorities that empower companies to embrace conscious design attuned to modern needs.

The trends are:

  1. Eco-Driven Designs
  2. Ergonomic Support
  3. Technology Integration
  4. Energising Breakout Zones
  5. Illumination for Productivity
  6. Clutter-Free Organisation

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