This webinar will challenge the conventional view towards appraisal.

Have you looked at your appraisal system recently and asked some searching questions? Why do it? What is being achieved? Are we getting a return in terms of; time, money and the morale of our staff? Is our appraisal scheme cost-efficient?

We will discuss the detrimental and damaging effects of traditional appraisal, the results of boxing your staff into grading systems and using methods of ‘forced ranking’ in order to spread costs and determine reward. We will also look at the useful bits of an appraisal system such as determining objectives, analysing training need and using competencies wisely.

The webinar is delievered by Charles Wilson who enjoys a successful international career in HR. With extensive experience in the Gulf region, Charles has examined the development and played a leading role in the national development schemes in Oman, the UAE and Kuwait. His major professional interests lie in the professional development of Nationals, management education and cross-cultural management. His current research is centered on ER in the Gulf region and international HRD, with an emphasis on leadership


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