By Jill Boone

The labour market is a tough place right now and HR and Talent Acquisition professionals have to find new and creative ways to find talent, to ensure growth and sustainability of their organisations. Keep reading for some potential new ideas!

Did you know that schools and colleges in the UK have a recommended framework for good career guidance known as the Gatsby Benchmarks … AND that linking curriculum learning to careers; encounters with employers and employees; and experiences of workplaces, are three of the eight benchmarks? Are you starting to see where you might fit in?

There are many ways employers can support schools and colleges and it won’t cost you a penny. Time commitment can be as little as 30 minutes, right the way through to full year support and beyond. This support allows you to gain or boost student interest in your particular industry or in specific tough-to-fill roles. You can also spotlight any apprenticeship, work-study, or full-time opportunities you have.

How to support your talent acquisition efforts, now and in the future!

Create a 15-minute video showing students what your workplace looks like, what the responsibilities are of a specific role or roles, what the relevant courses in school are that would support this job or career, and what you love about the role. Do this for schools in your area or join The Ambassador Platform and you can be connected to students all over the country.

Take part in a lesson* and get students excited about your industry or specific roles. For instance, visit a foreign language class to explain how knowing foreign languages has helped in your career or even conduct mock interviews with students in French or Spanish to help prepare them for future interviews.  Alternatively, try a maths class where you show how that subject has helped you with your business management, accounting, or even catering career. Or it could be a school assembly in which you discuss your industry and highlight what a career in that industry is all about. (*With the appropriate school permissions and checks in place.)

Conduct a virtual workshop with students in which you provide an introduction to a career, courses that are relevant, and then issue a challenge to them that they can do hands on within their classroom. For instance, a science-, maths-, or business-related challenge.

Volunteer as an Enterprise Adviser to support one school or college to help bridge the gap between work and education. This allows you to support the school’s careers efforts at all levels. I have been an Enterprise Adviser for two years and have seen the value of giving business insight into education. I have participated in my school’s first Careers Fair where I enlisted not only my organisation to discuss apprenticeships, but also one of our business partners too. They’re a vehicle repair charity who boosted interest in the auto repair industry for those students who felt that attending a university wasn’t right for them. I have also attended a French class with three of my colleagues who all spoke French and other languages, sharing how speaking other languages has helped them in their careers. I’ve enlisted a few of my colleagues and business partners to create videos about their roles. We’ve covered graphic design, being a solicitor, and even a mobile vehicle technician. I’ve even recorded a video about my training and talent development career and what school courses helped me.

If you are interested in any level of involvement, from 30 minutes to a full-year commitment and beyond, reach to your local schools or colleges to see if your talent needs align with their careers’ efforts.  Alternatively, contact The Careers & Enterprise Company to find out how you can get involved in helping find future talent for your organisation and also support schools and colleges’ efforts to educate about all the career opportunities available for their students.

Join Jill at the virtual ATD 2021 European Summit this November.

Jill will deliver a keynote ‘Understanding the Neuroscience of Learning to Develop Enhanced Training’. At this session, you will get a deep understanding of neuroplasticity and the possibilities of creating stronger connections within the brain when learning, cognitive load theory to optimise learning and access to some of the best teaching and learning strategies using neuroscience principles.

Jill will also join the panel about ‘Implementing D&I Initiatives and Incorporating Long Term Measures into Your Company Culture’. This session will focus on diving into:

  • Practical insights for implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion strategies, and implementing these authentically in the company culture, to foster a work environment in which all employees feel respected, accepted, supported, and valued
  • New strategies to engage and develop talent and career paths via community programmes
  • Examples of initiatives and year-round, day to day actions being taken by leading brands in the region and an open QnA with panelists

Download brochure for more details about the event.