The UAE is emerging as the next international HR hub; in fact, the area repeatedly ranked very highly in a global study of HR markets and practices. It’s an exciting time to be an HR professional in this region as businesses seek to ensure they have the very best HR team.

Yet HR can be a difficult profession to break into – and once you’re in, it isn’t always easy to progress into more senior roles. If your goal is to climb the ladder and land a more senior position, you’ll need to be prepared to take action.

ICS Learn have been helping people develop their HR careers for over 30 years and now they’re passing on their expertise to you. Their 5-step action plan will help you develop yourself as an HR professional and prepare you for the challenge of progressing into a more senior role.

Download the whitepaper to learn:

  • The value of attending HR events and conferences
  • How to nurture a strong professional network
  • The career-boosting benefits of CIPD qualifications and membership
  • The simple yet effective ways to develop your business acumen
  • The secret of making yourself an indispensable part of the HR team 

This informative and practical guide is specifically tailored to the opportunities and challenges you’ll discover working as an HR professional in the UAE.

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