By Munish Sudan

Think about it: Recruiters play one of the most critical roles at any organization. They are the bridge between companies and the talent that defines them. If they find, engage and hire the right people, they set their companies up for success for years to come. If they don’t, they can cost the company millions in lost productivity and morale. If bad hires cost a company like Zappos $100M, a good recruiter is priceless.

Sadly, too many recruiters aren’t given the credit they deserve. There are exceptions, but in many companies, recruiting is seen as a support role and recruiters as easily replaceable. This needs to stop. I believe the answer lies in three steps:

1. Recruiters must own their impact.

If you see yourself as a follower rather than a leader, others will see that too.

2. Recruiters must invest in their own development.

Recruiting has changed more in the past 10 years than in the previous 40. It is no longer just about networking; recruiters must now understand data, social media, marketing, and constantly evolving technologies while still honing the people skills they are known for.

3. Recruiters must communicate their impact.

They must become trusted advisors and partners to the business lines they support – thinking strategically about their company’s future and the role talent will play. Only then will they get the seat at the table that they deserve.

In short, recruiters must embrace the principles of modern recruiting. What is a modern recruiter? A modern recruiter is half artist, half scientist.

As an artist, modern recruiters must understand:

  • People – what motivates them and how to create candidate/team chemistry
  • Marketing – how to target the right message to the right candidate at the right time
  • Sales – how to build a pipeline and close deals
  • Strategy – how to map their activities to the goals of their business
  • Communication – how to communicate their success internally and externally

As a scientist a modern recruiter must know:

  • Data – what it is and how to use it to hire smarter
  • Research – where to find the information they need to make better hires
  • Technology – the latest tech tools and trends that will make them more efficient and successful

Modern recruiters embody not one, but all of these skills.

The “LinkedIn Essentials: The Modern Recruiter’s Guide” cover some of these principles of modern recruiting and where LinkedIn can help. The guide is full of tips on everything from personal branding and profiles to sourcing, job listings, and talent brand which will empower every recruiter to reach their full potential and embrace their ability to deliver enormous impact.

Munish Sudan is Territory Head for UAE at LinkedIn Middle East.  Munish holds an MBA degree with specialisation in Marketing from University of Pune and was earlier a student of Political Science & Economics.

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