Nabhan Al Kharusi is a Senior Consultant for Human Capital at Takatuf, the strategic provider of innovative Human Capital solutions based in the Sultanate of Oman. Since joining Takatuf, Nabhan has centred his professional research and work in helping some of the country’s largest organisations understand the impact of an empowering and enabling approach to Employee Relations (ER).

In his session, ‘Employee Relations: The Silent Killer’, Nabhan invites guests to explore why ER has become one of the most neglected and hostile topics among HR practitioners and to consider how a negative employee experience could play a role in an organisation’s eventual demise.

‘After years of engaging with clients, I eventually realised that as we worked towards reasonable solutions to their HR challenges, time and time again problems were in fact rooted in easily addressed ER topics like absenteeism or employee resentment. Why weren’t organisations tackling these issues head on? Why let them simmer?’

‘Employee Relations: The Silent Killer’ will share trends taken from Takatuf’s recent poll of HR professionals that shed light on why ER’s priority should start in the performance and competencies of an organisation’s management. The session will also equip guests with Takatuf’s market-tested ‘Employee Relations Risk Assessment’, a valuable, GCC-specific tool for measuring an organisation’s vulnerability to labour issues.

Find Nabhan on 7 November at Day 2 of the HR Summit and Expo and connect with him on LinkedIn at