C-suite Recruitment Has Moved Online, Here’s Why

Finding the right C-Suite talent is akin to searching for a needle in a haystack. However, finding top-level candidates who can take your organization to new heights is imperative. The entire process of hiring a senior executive tends to be time-consuming and costly.

Fortunately, the recruitment landscape is changing for the better. Where once online recruitment was used primarily to recruit entry-level and mid-level professionals, it is now a major platform to source and hire C-suite executive talent.

Here’s why C-suite recruitment has moved online according to Bayt.com career experts:

Greater opportunity cost

51% of employers who took part in the ‘Hiring Management in the MENA’ poll say they hire senior executive talent online. As such, leading job sites, such as Bayt.com, serve as a highly effective online intermediary. In fact, Bayt.com has almost 20 million job seekers registered on its website, ranging from interns and entry-level professionals to middle managers, team leaders and C-Suite executives. The sheer size of the Bayt.com database means that the opportunity cost of not being online is huge.

Gamut of senior talent online

The C-suite talent pool has become incredibly IT and web savvy and most professionals have active online profiles. These profiles give a recruiter a better idea of a candidate’s personality, achievements, knowledge, and hands-on experience. These online activities can assist companies in gaging potential candidates while simultaneously avoiding the costs of hiring the wrong person. In fact, as more and more C-suite talent post examples, pictures, videos, or portfolios of their work on the internet, finding talented individuals for a C-suite role will move into the mainstream.

Budget-driven HR departments

Time is money, and today’s budget conscious, ROI driven HR departments are anxious to save both. The Bayt.com ‘Skills and Hiring Trends in the MENA’ poll, January 2015, reveals that 48% of companies in the MENA take quite a long time to fill an open vacancy in their company – between 1 and 3 months. The internet has emerged not only as a faster, easier and more effective way to source and screen top talent, but also as an efficient tool to manage the entire end-to-end recruitment process, in the short and long run. With amazing technology available in the market today, such as the Bayt.com Job Post and CV Search tools, companies can search through millions of CVs and promptly narrow them down to the exact candidates required.

Executives are engaging actively in online conversations

Professional networking forums are the new frontier in online recruitment and a top choice for identifying leaders in their area of expertise, especially at the senior end of the spectrum. This could be attributed to the fact that 81% of professionals feel that professional online platforms, such as Bayt.com Specialities, are a good way for employers and candidates to engage together through industry-related comments, discussions and questions, according to the Bayt.com ‘Social Recruiting in the Middle East and North Africa’ poll. Bayt.com Specialities invites specialists from all over the world to come together and engage in industry-related discussions. It has proven to be a great tool for companies to pick the best amongst top executives in their industry.

The global economy

C-suite talent is scarce. This is why sourcing C-suite executives has become a global process. Companies want to take advantage of the vast executive talent pool across the world. As the workforce is becoming increasingly global, and mobile, employers are looking to hire individuals who can lead a multicultural organization and craft practical strategies that will ensure long-term profitability. Recruiting online greatly reduces the distance between global companies and job seekers, ensuring that these companies make the best C-suite hires.

Suhail Masri, VP – Sales, Bayt.com

C-suite Recruitment Has Moved Online, Here's WhySuhail leads the sales operation at Bayt.com. Suhail has held varied roles in sales, marketing and business development across the Middle East over the past 20 years. Prior to Bayt.com, Suhail worked at one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical company MERK & Co., where he was responsible for the sales and marketing of leading brands in the region. In addition to his sales and business development experience, Suhail has held various roles in human resource development, where he was in charge of coordinating and leading the implementation of human resource practices, sales capacity building programs, and ongoing development of a superior workforce. Suhail is a graduate of Jordan University of Science and Technology with a BSc in Pharmacology.

This article was initially published in http://blog.bayt.com/2015/02/why-c-suite-recruitment-has-moved-online/

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