By Frederik Haentjens

Create the life you want! Be Free! Work where you want and travel! These are only some of the advertisements calling for digital nomads. Just think, what would it be like to have complete control over your life? Become a digital nomad and take a step in the direction you want to live. There are many reasons to become a digital nomad and several reasons to choose this lifestyle include:


Freedom is the number one reason for people to adopt the digital nomad lifestyle. Digital nomads are those who could care less about what people think and more about the quality of their lives. Digital nomads have the freedom to conform to the life they want. “Be who you are” is the watch cry of digital nomads.


Unlimited travel is a dream you can turn into reality when you are digital nomads. Create the lifestyle you want and form a business you can take with you and work on from anywhere in the world. As a digital nomad, you can travel and see more of the world than you ever dreamed.

Don’t Hold on to Traditions

A digital nomad has a chance to let go of what is holding them back in life in every aspect, including emotionally, spiritually, and even physically. Most digital nomads don’t have many possessions. They live a minimalistic lifestyle that helps them let go of possessions and not worry about having “things.” Being a digital nomad is a chance to get yourself out of the negative culture that many office workers experience. If you are busy and focused on traveling and building a beautiful life for yourself, you can gain a new perspective on life.

Build Your Own Life

Be a digital nomad and find your path to a dream lie. Create your life story based on what you enjoy and what motivates you. The wonder of being a digital nomad is you can start to build your work around your life – not your life around your work. Work as much or little as you want or need. You decide when and where to work on any given day. You decide the time you work. You can give your clients your schedule and work when and where you want to on any given day.

Find happiness.

Isn’t happiness what we all seek? Let go of what’s holding you down and embrace the life of freedom that makes you happy. Find a life you can live on your terms. You have found true inner peace.

You are not Alone

It’s a bit daunting to be a digital nomad. It takes work, yes you do have to work, and it can be isolating. Remember, you are not alone.  There are hundreds of digital nomads, and most of them are interesting and happy people. You can find companionship in coworking and living areas, staying with interesting people in their homes, and embracing a different culture.

If the digital nomad lifestyle is what you are looking for, what’s stopping you from grabbing on to your dreams? Being a digital nomad isn’t about escaping what you do in a day.  It’s about living how and where you want to live. It’s not just taking a break from everyday life, but a dream life you can own if you only let yourself.

Frederik is the founder of, a digital platform that is one of its kind. HR Nomad connects remote workers and clients alike for on mutual objective: to harness the power of information communication and technology and to balance between professional and personal life. He is also the author of the book HRnomad (published April 2019). Further, he is the managing partner of the Organization Design consulting firm and international keynote speaker about organization agility, design thinking, and Digital nomadic working.