Leadership brings change. Change is a product of leadership. The two are inextricably linked, and somewhere behind both is a person who can see something others simply cannot.

A leader sees and builds a differing future, one with hope for more efficiency, more effectiveness, less pollution, less carnage, more respect, more tolerance, less pain and more collective gain. We all have hopes and dreams and hence we all can see a future is worth working towards. When that dream contributes positively to others, possibility reigns superior.

I recently met a leader here in Dubai; a leader in the truest of forms. Ambareen Musa could see the world of banking serving many negative outcomes. She would observe the average Joe agreeing to credit card conditions not fully understood, with consequences of people getting themselves too deep into debt and families being torn apart. Things simply didn’t need to be this way, if transparency and simplicity were the focus of credit card contracts.

Kouzes* and Posner are clear when it comes to the leadership practice of ‘inspiring a shared vision’. They state that leaders will always see the imagined future in their mind’s eye first, prior to physically creating that world. Ambareen hence saw a world where credit was adding value to people’s lives with little or no consequences, and then set out to build such a system. Souq Almal was born with a mission to provide ‘choice with understanding’ for folk seeking credit cards.

Souq Almal has changed the face of banking, with many banks knocking on the portal’s door to ensure their cards are available for people to connect with through Souk Almal, and clearly that means they must comply with what the customer demands; clarity, transparency and ease of engagement, facilitated through Souq Almal. The world is now a better place with the legacy of true leadership, as informed decisions are now the norm for those who live in the land of credit cards.

What will your legacy be in the workplace? How will the future be a better place because of your actions now? How is your organization looking at long-term contribution alongside the everyday operation?

Debbie Nicol, the managing director of Dubai-based ‘business en motion’, is a consultant working with strategic change, leadership and organisational development.

*James Kouzes is a key note speaker at HR Summit & Expo 2015 and will hold sessions on The Leadership Challenge framework.