What is a Purpose-Driven DE&I Strategy?

June 13, 2024

In this interview, Lamisse Muhtaseb, the HR Director of Purpose, Culture, and Inclusion at Deloitte, talks to The HR Observer about strategies to attract qualified candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Muhtaseb explained the importance of purpose in driving business strategy and individual engagement. She emphasised that purpose should be integral to an organisation’s culture, with everyone responsible for upholding and advancing it.

The interview also discussed the significance of purpose in fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment, with a focus on the example of Saudi Arabia. Muhtaseb emphasised that building trust within an organisation is a foundational step towards purpose-driven success.

She also explained the importance of measuring the impact of diversity and inclusion initiatives on businesses. She highlighted the need to set clear objectives and regularly engage with employees to understand the impact of these programs.

Moreover, she identified mentoring and sponsorship as effective initiatives that have a good track record of success. The discussion underscored the need for continued efforts to address historical barriers to women’s progression in the workplace.

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