Improving Employee Wellbeing at a Global Level

May 17, 2024

Dana Citron, Director of Global Health and Wellbeing at DHL Global, spoke to The HR Observer about the company’s strategies for enhancing employee wellbeing worldwide. She explained that DHL approaches wellness from a risk management perspective, prioritising the care of their employees as a fundamental benefit.

The company  has developed a global framework that is adaptable to local needs, concentrating on four key areas: organisational culture, prevention and screening, healthy choices and lifestyles, and support and resources. To support these areas, DHL forms partnerships both internally and with external vendors.

Health and Wellness Program Implementation Discussion

Citron discussed the implementation of a health and wellness program at their organization, which focuses on preventive and screening tests tailored to age, gender, and location, as well as behavioral change programs and chronic condition management.

She explained the program’s flexibility to meet the specific needs of their diverse population. When asked  about the strategy for driving such a cultural shift, she explained that the program began nine years ago with a financial incentive: a 15% discount on health insurance premiums. This incentive created a strong business case, allowing HR to successfully pitch the program to the CFO and CEO.

Culture-Focused Health Approach Boosts Productivity

She discussed the positive impact of integrating a culture-focused approach to health and well-being into the company over the past nine years. This integration has resulted in reduced medical costs, higher productivity, and improved employee satisfaction.

The effectiveness of this cultural shift is now measured using a broader range of indicators beyond health insurance claims, including sickness rates, workplace satisfaction, and absenteeism. She also highlighted the company’s adaptation to global health issues like COVID-19, which involved increasing flexibility and support for employees and uncovered new opportunities for enhancing their wellbeing.

Flexibility and Employee Support in Hybrid Work

Citron discussed the crucial role of flexibility in supporting remote and hybrid work environments across Dana’s five companies. She explained that their strategy ensures all employees, whether frontline or office-based, feel supported.

She elaborated further that prioritising both physical and mental health benefits the individual and leads to better business outcomes. She highlighted that fostering a culture of health and wellbeing is an emerging trend in corporate health, necessitating a comprehensive approach that integrates all aspects of the business.