How to Change People’s Thinking?

May 13, 2024

In this interview, Jamil Qureshi, Performance Coach, and Psychologist, author talks about the importance of continuous improvement, curiousity, and the ability to challenge existing beliefs.

He higlights the role of purpose in driving success, suggesting that purpose is not a static achievement, but something attained daily through one’s actions. Unlearning, he explains, can contribute to a greater sense of purpose and passion.

“I think that it’s always about reimagination, reinvention, repurposing,” he said in the interview.

Therefore, he proposes that unlearning helps to redirect a person’s energy towards more impactful activities and to question one’s beliefs about customers, the market, competition, products, and services.

Qureshi explains that the more people are enthusiastic about an idea, the more it becomes easier to learn that idea as they talk more about in an exciting way.

“I think that what happened for me was that, you know, I geniunely found something which made me feel purposeful. You know I really enjoyed the idea of psychology. I enjoyed the idea of finding out what people do, and then helping them to do it better,” he explains.

How to change people’s thinking?

Prespective is very important, he said. He explains that people are not given “enough prespectives”. For him, wthin businesses, people are not given the space to create a new prespective- a new way of seeing life that allows them to use their skills in a better way.

“I think the best way to get people to commit to change is for them to co-author and co-create that change,” he explains.

He explains that rather than asking people to be different, it is best to engage with them to allow them to unravel some of their own barriers and inhibitors and allow them an opportunity to reveal themselves.

“Once you start to engage people in a more 3 dimensional, emotional way it happens to catch a feeling and understand the plan and I think it’s a way to inspire people and motivate them,” he explains.



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