In these challenging times, how you communicate and treat your customers will have a profound impact on your future brand and business.

My husband and I received an email from flydubai informing us that our flights wouldn’t be operating. This was amid other strategies to contain the spread of Covid-19 virus and we were given a two-weeks notice period.

I called the provided hotline number to find out more information and made a decision to cancel our tickets and request a refund. The operators were courteous and followed the given procedure to cancel and requested the refund which would normally take between 5 – 7 weeks to hit our bank accounts. I didn’t have any objections to that, knowing how badly the airlines must be hurting at the moment.

A confirmation email arrived less than a week from my call and a week after that, we were pleasantly surprised to receive the full refund.

Wouldn’t you agree that the swift actions of flydubai, have made us their loyal customers?

Use challenging times to convert your customers into your advocates!

  1. Communicate in a timely manner
  2. Have a standardised approach to the situation
  3. Offer a solution
  4. Under promise, over deliver.