MoHRE Fines 441 Private Companies Over Emiratisation

July 19, 2023 hr-hrobserver-privatecompanies-emiratisation

The UAE’s Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) said on Wednesday that 441 private companies have violated Emiratisation decisions from the second half of 2022 to date.

According to MoHRE, 436 were fined for false Emiratisation while five were found to “circumvent” Emiratisation targets.

“We deal firmly with any violations of Emiratisation decisions as this stems from our commitment to achieving the objectives of Emiratisation initiatives and policies, which aim to enhance the UAE’s human development system, build a productive and sustainable Emirati human capital in the private sector, and ensure active participation from Emiratis in the national economy,” the Ministry said in a statement.

The ministry has imposed penalties and administrative procedures, as well as ceasing the financial benefits provided by the Nafis programme to those UAE nationals who were proven to have been hired as false Emiratisation.

Additionally, the violating establishments were downgraded to the third category, which is the lowest category within the classification system of private sector establishments registered with the Ministry. 

Third category companies will have to pay higher service fees in comparison to companies who are in both the first and second categories.

Companies who violated Emiratisation decisions were also referred to the Public Prosecution for legal action. Moreover, the ministry canceled the work permits of the UAE nationals who were appointed falsely and ordered violating establishments to pay the Emiratisation targets financial contributions.

“We urge UAE nationals not to accept false Emiratisation jobs, as the financial support allocated by Nafis aims to empower UAE nationals in real jobs, enabling them to actively participate in the UAE’s development process across various sectors,” the Ministry added.

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