By HAYS Recruiting experts worldwide

94% of UAE employees want to stay with an employer for a minimum of 3 years, according to a survey of more than 1,500 employees conducted by recruiting experts Hays UAE.

The survey found, that of this 94% who believe in job loyalty just under half (47%) want to stay with the same employer for 5 years or more; and just over half (53%) stated they want to stay with the same employer for 3 to 5 years.

The remaining 6% do not believe in job loyalty and like to move employers every 1 – 2 years.

With employees ready and willing to remain loyal Hays says the onus is on employers to look after their staff, since loyalty and continuous skills and career development should be mutually inclusive.

“The survey suggests despite the transient nature of the UAE, stability, security and loyalty are important for employees here” says Chris Greaves, Managing Director of Hays UAE.

“Given these results, it’s up to employers to ensure they create the environment in which employees can remain. After all, people want to stay with their employer long term, but they also want their careers to continue to develop and thrive.

“This means employers need to provide all staff with ongoing training and development, regular reviews and promotional opportunities. They also need to deliver what they promised in the recruitment process so that the reality of working at their organisation matches what they promoted when they were attracting top talent.

“As long as staff are offered stimulating work and their career continues to advance, most will stay. A lack of career progression is the number one reason people come to us looking for their next job, so we can’t emphasise enough the importance of putting career development plans in place,”.