As businesses around the world are impacted by the novel coronavirus pandemic, they are turning to training and development of their workforce to leverage learning for business results during a period of unprecedented change. With the majority of employees working from home, organisations are faced with the daunting task of keeping them motivated, adept to socio-cultural nuances and up-to-speed with the changing nature of the business. With change management and organisation agility being the new normal, corporations now more than ever, are acknowledging the importance of employee training and development.

At Informa Connect, we recognise the need of the hour and have been re-inventing the wheel by providing alternate learning and development solutions during times of social distancing. Our aim is to continue supporting our clients’ needs while being sensitive of the socio-economic implications to their business and keeping in mind their employees’ safety.

With early intervention and a quick review of the entire portfolio of our learning offerings, we have taken steps to re-define our portfolio and transform it into a virtual training format. Our underlying intention has been to provide the best virtual learning experience through a highly interactive platform that provides a seamless and social learning experience – from the first point of contact, to the end of the training delivery and even beyond with supported learning.

Our pursuit to develop an agile and an engaging digital learning experience has led us on a journey of:

  • Re-establishing learning outcomes by focussing on content that meets the need of the hour
  • Re-designing digitally engaging solutions to maintain focus and make learning enjoyable
  • Re-thinking the end-to-end experience and mapping a learning journey for an enhanced Customer Journey and Learning Experience
  • Re-building content with an emphasis on maintaining the value of human connections and meaningful interactions, and the exchange of ideas and thoughts
  • Re-inventing learning solutions hosted on multiple platforms and delivering varied outcomes
  • Re-connecting with our learners and communities by supplementing learning with free webcasts, and opportunities to engage in Q&As and discussions with leading subject matter experts

In less than a month of re-invention, we are pleased to announce a diverse and developed range of virtual learning products to promote experiential learning and create a strong value proposition for our clients across all segments of the business community.

  • Live Online Courses: Bringing our certificate courses to life in a digital environment, in real time, and led by subject matter experts. A virtual classroom with high-level engagement through activities, discussions, breakout sessions, team exercises and more..
  • Online Programmes: Designed for professionals who wish to cover modules in a self-paced environment. These digital, interactive and engaging educational experiences employ a variety of interactive learning techniques, including pre-recorded videos, case studies, assessments, downloadable tools and templates, relevant articles and blogs, in addition to on-going trainer support.
  • Connect Casts: Fast-paced, live webinars that focus on various topics and skills. These aren’t your standard webinars; they are bite-sized learning options to keep you engaged in activities and ensure all your questions are answered.
  • Free-to-attend Webinars: Connecting you with Subject Matter Experts who address current industry trends, global best practice and business concerns.

With over 25 years of Regional experience in delivering leading-edge learning solutions, Informa Connect continues to spearhead:

  • Content curation across a wide range of topics, designed and developed by industry leads and subject matter experts
  • Outcome-based training
  • Collaboration with internationally renowned association partners
  • Advocacy of community-learning initiatives
  • Knowledge and networking events for business growth and opportunities
  • Designing in-company solutions targeted at deriving business-value through learning

In conclusion, we think that learning is constant and should not be limited to a single event or a training programme, nor should it be constrained by the impact of socio-environmental restrictions. We believe that executive learning should be a constant evolution of individual growth tied to business outcomes and long-term goals. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst in transforming the nature of training and development. As an established training provider, we are conscious of the impact of the rapidly evolving times on our clients’ business outcomes and long-term capability-building needs. When the immediate effects of the pandemic do subside and travel restrictions are relaxed, we look forward to welcoming our clients to our face-to-face events. Nonetheless, we know that the time for change is now. We have set a precedent by expanding online learning opportunities in the Region by building unique and lasting digital learning experiences that are here to stay as preferred training solutions for many businesses.

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