By The HR Observer for ATD Middle East Conference & Exhibition

We caught up with Patti Phillips, President & CEO of ROI Institute to get her thoughts on how organisations and L&D leaders should approach ROI in learning.

1. Be clear on the why. Why these programs? Why these measures at this time? Organizations should never invest in learning (or any other process) just because they can. They should invest because they should. The first step in a results-based process is to be clear on the opportunities that exist for the organization and the performance that needs to change in order to take advantage of that opportunity.

2. Be clear on the how. How will you design, develop, and implement a program? How will you measure its success? Knowing the how helps explain what you intend to do, and it helps you explain how you did it once it’s done. Learning professionals must be the architects and engineers who ensure learning solutions align with the organizational needs.

3. Be clear on the what. What results should come from the learning experience? What results did come from the learning experience? Despite the fact that we are in an age of “always on” learning, results and the use of those results are the end game. L&D is not about L&D—it’s about business.

Patti Phillips
President & CEO
ROI Institute