Many of you might remember Simon Sinek’s Inside Quest interview that went viral from earlier this year, where he discusses the challenges that many Millennials face in the workplace.

Sinek explains how the millennial generation became so entitled. A combination of failed parenting strategies, technology, impatience and environment have created a wave of young people who can’t hack it in the real world.

He then suggests that companies are responsible for creating learning environments where employees can develop the confidence and social skills they need to be successful.

“Millennials: too many companies you will work for are not built to take care of you. Until that changes, please take care of each other” says Sinek.

Watch the full video below here again if you missed it.

Simon Sinek is headlining the  HR Summit & Expo 2017 taking  place 6 – 8 November 2017 at the Dubai International Exhibition & Convention Centre. Live-streaming from his home in the US, Simon will be sharing his insight on The Game Theory: The Finite and Infinite Games of Business, HR and Finding Value in the Workplace, and taking Q&As from the audience.