Whatever you do, wherever you operate in the world, Cubiks adds real depth to their clients talent management, assessment and development processes. With a versatile portfolio of ground-breaking solutions, global experience and local knowledge, Cubiks helps clients better understand their people, predict performance and achieve great results.

Combining cutting-edge psychometrics with HR expertise, Cubiks has long been a trusted partner to the world’s biggest employers. Their international team lives and breathes talent assessment, designing all their products and services in-house. Because Cubiks creates their solutions, they can offer an unrivalled scope of tailored packages to meet the client’s needs.

James Raley, Country Manager at Cubiks explain the main benefits of the validity assessments and the cultural and power shift in recent years in the region.

The vast majority of larger organisations, especially Fortune 500 companies realise that many efficiencies are being lost in the old school interview process and therefore incorporate the assessments in their hiring processes.

Predictive validity assessment helps organisations to understand if the person they are looking to hire or promote to a different role will be a good cultural fit for the role in the future, beyond just the assessment that looks of what the candidte know and what have done in the previous roles. The new assessments help to bring the right competencies and behaviors and uncover the ability of the candidate to solve complex problems.

We are currently experiencing a power shift, where the powerver is moving back towards the candidate. It’s no longer a case of a ‘nervouse candidte’ and the hiring manager which is making the pick. Nowadays candidates are more closely reviewing the organisations. Cubiks solution ‘Cubicks Capture’ allows candidates to see if they are aligning with the organisation adn their culture. The tool is based on the set of pictures with the statements which are being flicked at the screen and the candidate is having an oportunity to express how much he/she is aligning with these statements and various values they represent. This self assesment allows to candidate to see on how many percent he or she is a fit with the organisation and recommends the roles that would be suitable for the candidate. This is more engaging than traditional assesments and also give more power to the candidate.

Cubiks assessments are based on the three key principles: Science, Innovation and Personalisation. The output of the assessment is the set of recommendations and development tips designed to help all who are touched with the assessment (hiring organisations and candidates) and help people to empower them in achieving their potential.

Watch below the full interview with James Raley from, Country Manager from Cubiks and learn about the assessment processes: