By Riya Vatnani, for The HR Observer

Cultivating talent acquisition and growth can be more challenging and exhausting before gaining successful momentum. This is derived from the tougher segment of the HR industry; the ever changing psychographics. To hire the best of the best in the trade, it’s necessary to adapt to the changes that come about almost daily. Contributing to a significant difference in the newer HR policies compared to the older, more traditional approach comes the development in technology and workforce.

  • Millennial Age
    In this day and age, one is looking at millennial taking charge of the latest trends in the industry. Creating jobs such as Social Media Executive and Digital Marketing Managers, a whole new segment of HR has been created. This segment caters specifically to the millennial looking to work in a comfortable, yet fast paced environment. They’re looking to learn, improvise, invent and be challenged so as to feel integral to the ecosystem. The note worthy similarity between the millennial and an older age group, is that talent is multi- generational.
  • The Free Agents
    Based on a study done by Intuit in 2010, contingent workers in the US will increase by 40% by the year 2020. The recent trend of ‘free agents’ has taken a liking to all industries, globally. It’s unrealistic to expect longterm employment or lifetime job security in this environment; hence the newer freelancers and / or ‘free agents’ are approached. Providing a more cost effective option, free agents are not a part of conventional hierarchy. The two consenting parties are involved in an exchange that proves beneficial to both, where they’re aware of the journey, the cost required to embark on that journey and it’s expiration date.
  • Increase the Scope of HR
    The scope of HR remains constant when discussing local talent for employment or freelancing. When discussing the scope of HR globally, most companies shy away from outsourcing talent due to geographic inconvenience. With the many advances in the field of technology, it’s fundamental to ‘cast a wider net’ when recruiting and look for talent beyond the confines of geographic borders. With the help of various recruitment websites and agencies around the world, hiring a free agent from anywhere in the world has been made simpler.
  • Embrace the Video
    With all the developments in video technology, face to face interviews have gotten simpler and more time efficient. Apart from that, video technology allows viewable content to take over digital marketing techniques and promote cost effective variations to traditional advertisements.

Welcoming the latest changes in workforce and technology trends is principle to any industry around the world. The need to promote traditional HR methods has disappeared, making room for more efficient and indulgent techniques. Transforming HR’s role in this age has been done to improvise the proverbial ‘assembly line’ methods used previously. One could argue the authenticity or success rate of these methods but each risk taken in the field is a step in the right direction!

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