Chris McChesney is currently the Global Practice Leader of Execution for FranklinCovey. He has spent his professional years dedicated to helping organisations achieve results through improved implementation of strategy.

Speaking on the first day of the HR Summit and Expo this year, Chris will be focusing on empowering and motivating employees for effective change. On this matter, he states;

“The most powerful way Human Resources can motivate and empower employees to create an effective change in the organisation, is to ensure where possible that people feel they are playing a high stakes winnable game within some aspect of their work.”

Chris’ two agenda sessions will be focusing on ‘The Four Disciplines of Execution’, drawn from FranklinCovey’s Amazon audio bestseller content of the same title, discussing how to execute on results that demand a high degree of human engagement.

Ahead of his talk at this year’s HR Summit and Expo, Chris shares with us three trends he has identified in how businesses are managing HR change management and transformational strategies.

  • Focus on specific organisational outcomes
  • Ensuring outcomes are translated to the lowest possible levels of the organisation
  • Keeping the transformational effort narrow rather than broad, reducing scope creep

The International Strategy Guru, leaves us with his inspirational advice to fellow HR leaders;

“The work of engaging hearts and minds towards noble purposes is the greatest and most challenging work that organisations do”

Find Chris McChesney on the Guru stage on day one of HR Summit and Expo, more details here.