Six Predictions on How AI will Transform the Future of Work from Salesforce

November 23, 2023 thehrobserver-hrobserver-futureofwork

Salesforce has made 6 predictions on how AI will transform the future of work by looking at how companies are actually taking steps to help themselves evolve.

The platform that assists companies to digitally transform around their customers by harnessing the power of data, AI, CRM, believes that the future is AI.

The predictions include:

1. AI will transform how we think about (and measure) human productivity.
2. As AI grows more autonomous, it will free up time for more impactful work.
3. AI’s reach will offset something very human: Agent attrition.
4. Companies will use their data plus AI to get faster and more productive.
5. AI will make the workplace smarter.
6. Companies will adjust and adapt in an AI-driven workplace renaissance.

Around sixty percent of executives say they are measuring their team’s productivity by tracking activity metrics, like hours worked or emails sent. 

“But this will change with widespread use of AI in the workplace, as we start to see AI replace much of the mundane, repetitive work that we have long measured as productivity inputs,” said Salesforce in a statement. 

“To do this, leaders will need to shift their mindset from measuring activity to measuring impact. They’ll need to clearly define the results they want to see and support their teams in aligning individual efforts against these clear objectives,” said  Christina Janzer, SVP of Research & Analytics, Slack in the statement. 

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