Navigating the Job Market: AI Jobs are in High Demand

November 27, 2023 thehrobserver-hrobserver-jobmarket

Deel, the global compliance and payroll solution company, said that there has been a 59% increase in organisations hiring AI, Software Engineering, and Data Science roles over the last year.

The company reports that AI-related jobs have witnessed a worldwide surge, both in terms of individuals hired and organisations seeking to fill these positions, especially in the GCC. 

Accordingly, Canada led AI worker hires, followed by India, Spain, Germany and the United Kingdom. The company said that India is leading the way in new AI roles, with positions such as: AI Engineer, AI Training Lead, AI Computer Vision Engineer.

“As of September 2023, Deel has reported over 5,000 active contracts in the fields of AI, Data Science, and Software Engineering, with over 2,100 organisations actively participating in this hiring frenzy. The pace of growth has surpassed expectations, and the numbers tell a compelling story,” the company said in a statement.

“The surge in AI hiring we’re witnessing is a global phenomenon,” said Tarek Salam, Head of MENA Expansion at Deel.

The internationalisation of AI talent has been driven by complementary trends, Deel said, which includes: the rapid adoption of AI technology necessitating a global hiring spree. 

“This shift towards global hiring has been made possible by emerging Employer of Record (EOR) models, enabling the cross-border integration of highly skilled AI professionals,” they explained.

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