Middle Management Overlooked in Talent Retention

November 22, 2023 thehrobserver-hrobserver-middlemanagement

Beamery spoke to C-suite, as well as people managers, in large businesses within the UK and US,  in order to understand their view of workplace challenges, and the role of “middle management.”

According to the survey 58% of the C-suite believes it is the human resources function’s responsibility for retaining talent, but only 9% point that the responsibility falls on the front-line managers.

Beamery said that around 26% of organisations still successfully identify and hire talent. These companies are experimenting with integrating AI-powered skills  and leveraging Talent Acquisition (TA) as a strategic advisor in redesigning, reskilling, and retaining practices. 

Beamery said it is vital to mpower recruiters to say “no” to hiring managers, positioning them as talent advisors who consult with hiring managers on the most strategic ways to bring new talent into an organization.

While, leverage HR’s knowledge of emerging skills and job growth trends when evaluating internal mobility and experience-based reskilling options.

Moreover, Beamery explained companies must give TA a stake in employee retention by setting the function up with “tools to create an irresistible internal candidate experience primed for frequent movement between gig and full-time opportunities.”

All while using a unified skills language to drive talent transformation by deeply integrating AI-powered solutions that mine for insights and address touchpoints across the talent management lifecycle.

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