ILO Identifies Global Occupational Trends For Youth

July 13, 2023 thehrobserver-hr-ILO

Information and communications technology (ICT) professionals are among the five fastest growing occupations for youth between the age band of 20-24 and 25-29, reported the International Labour Organisation (ILO).

The organisation said that in countries it identifies as low- and lower-middle-income, digital divides limit both the supply of workers with the adequate skills for these occupations, and the demand for these workers. 

Moreover, science and engineering professionals are among the three fastest growing occupations for young women aged 20-24 and 25-29 in many upper-middle and high income countries. “Which represents some encouraging evidence in terms of bridging the gender gap in science technology engineering and math (STEM) occupations in these countries,” wrote Souleima El Achkar, an economist and labour market information specialist with the ILO. 

Health professionals are among the fastest growing occupations for youth between the ages 25-29, regardless of the country’s income level.

Meanwhile, business and administration professionals and associate professionals and legal, social, cultural and related professionals and associate professionals are also among the fastest growing occupations for youth across countries.

The ILO also reports that among youth ages 15-19 year olds, personal service and sales workers are among the fastest growing occupations, with an annual employment growth rate of at least 5%.

“In low, lower-middle and upper-middle income countries, market-oriented skilled agricultural workers are also among the fastest growing occupations,” explained El Achkar.

Among other increasing numbers of employment are jobs such as customer service clerks which are also growing in many high-income countries for young women within the age band. 

The organisation said that there is a growth taking place among men in construction sector occupations, proving that within this age band employment growth is focused on occupations that already account for a large share of young workers.

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