Read our annual report highlighting how GCC enterprises have accelerated their HR technology implementation plans.

By HR Observer Staff

Despite – or because of – pandemic-related disruption, many GCC HR technology budgets are up, and many organisations have accelerated their implementation plans. However, HR’s tech priorities are firmly focused on improving employee retention and recruitment. In contrast to other regions, HR in the GCC focuses less on wellness and less on emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI).

To develop the annual GCC HR Tech Trends 2022 report, recently, Informa Connect surveyed more than 500 senior HR leaders, decision-makers, consultants, and other HR professionals from across the GCC. Half of the respondents were from organisations with more than 500 staff, and 50.4 per cent were planning to invest US$25,000 or more in HR technology over the coming year.

While 40.9 per cent of respondents have implemented an emerging technology, success is mixed, with 32.3 per cent reporting no success at implementing such technologies. Data security, usability and interoperability are the most critical features HR professionals look for in technology platforms, while AI and chat functions are much lower priority.

Looking at the respondent’s top spending priorities, the trend is clear: GCC organisations want to understand their employees, want their employees to understand the organisation, and hire new talent effectively and efficiently. For more such key insights, explore the report to understand which HR technology works and delivers on its promises.

Download the report here.