By Frederik Haentjens

While the recent pandemic has caused quite the disturbance throughout the world, businesses that offer remote working options are adapting and evolving with the new, nontraditional workplace… But what exactly is remote work?

Remote work refers to any work done by an employee outside a traditional office space.

However, remote work is not a new concept. Remote work has had major advances with the technology advancements over recent years, but remote work has been evolving since the first personal computer was introduced in 1975.

Major corporations, such as AT&T, IBM, Amazon, Apple, and Twitter, have been transitioning into remote working models by offering employees more flexible work opportunities. Naturally resulting in happier, more productive employees. Experiencing a better work-life balance has led to exceedingly prolific work results. Not to mention, the most beneficial result of remote work, cost efficiency. The amount of money saved by not having daily office costs is exponentially better for any company’s expense management.

The founder and CEO of FlexJobs, Sarar Sutton explains, “Even if you only work remotely some of the time, say two or three days a week, you still stand to save at least $2,000 a year.”

With over 54,000 companies utilizing remote work options, put together a list of the top 100. Even major corporations are adopting a more flexible, remote working environment for employees. In response to these new workflows, employers are seeing results of happy, loyal, and more productive employees.

In 2019, some of the top companies with remote job opportunities were Appen, Williams-Sonoma, Kelly Services, VIPKID, Amazon, Achieve Test Prep, World Travel Holdings, Hilton, Dell, American Express, Humana, and CVS Health (Talty, 2020).

Careers in digital marketing, copywriting and copyediting, customer service, online tutoring and teaching, social media management, translation, web and graphic design, and accounting are most common, but the possibilities of remote work options are endless!

The advantages of remote work are endless, too. Flexible schedules are causing healthier lifestyles directly associated with better work-life balance is resulting in more productivity overall. Employers are experiencing higher productivity, cost efficiency, and happier employees. For employers, expense management becomes easier to maintain with lower office costs, saving money for businesses. Remote workers save thousands annually by not commuting to a traditional office location.

However, as with all advantages, there must be disadvantages to maintain cosmic balance. For employees, working alone can often lead to reclusive behaviors and feelings of isolation so seeking shared work spaces, using communication apps, or finding a favorite public work space, such as coffee shops, are a few solutions with positive results to combat the feelings of loneliness while remote working. Focus and self motivation can be difficult for some, but are necessary for productive remote work.

Times are changing. The remote worker is the new norm in the workplace and with so many businesses seeing the positive results, transitioning into a fully remote work environment is not just a dream for employers and employees…it has become a reality. With the technology revolution, traditional workspaces are no longer the only way to get work done.

When will your business or company adopt a new remote working lifestyle?


Talty, Alexandra. (2020). Work From Home 2020: The Top 100 Companies For Remote Jobs. Forbes.

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