What are the In-demand Professions in the GCC’s Thriving Job Market?

January 2, 2024 thehrobserver-hrobserver-GCC

Naukrigulf.com, the Gulf’s fastest-growing job site, released on Tuesday its report on the top employer searches conducted on its platform in 2023 concluding that within the UAE, the construction and real estate sector took the lead as an indicator of the boom within those sectors.

These were followed by the IT, Telecom, and internet sectors. According to the platform, employers demonstrated a strong focus on sales professionals and engineers, indicative of the demand for talent in customer-facing roles and technical expertise. 

“2023’s data reveals a compelling narrative in the Gulf job market. As we observed, in the UAE, employers are actively seeking candidates proficient in customer service and business development – skills integral to thriving in a dynamic business landscape,” said Sharad Sindhwani, EVP & Business Head at Naukrigulf.com.

With over 10,000 employers and 14-million+ job seekers using the portal, the data provide an insight to how the GCC region is attracting global talent.

The report explains that within the UAE the most coveted roles in 2023 encompassed Sales, Project Managers, and Business Analyst positions, reflecting the country’s robust demand for professionals driving business growth and innovation.

Moreover, employers reported prioritising candidates with expertise in project management for strategic execution, added Naukrigulf.com.

In Saudi Arabia, the oil, gas, chemical, and energy sector dominated the employment trend, with a notable demand for engineers. A similar trend took place in Qatar which has witnessed a surge in energy and tech jobs, along with demand for sales and business development roles.

In Oman as well, there has been a surge in job roles within the oil, gas, chemical, and energy sector. Meanwhile, Kuwait has displayed an emphasis on healthcare in hiring, particularly for senior-level positions. 

Bahrain, on the other hand, featured construction and real estate hiring.

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