Poet, Scientist, YouTuber top desired jobs in the UAE

February 3, 2023 thehrobserver-hrobserver-poet-scientist-youtube

By The HR Observer Staff

Whether being a poet, scientist, YouTuber, influencer and comedian, these are the top five career choices for those living in the United Arab Emirates, according to research conducted by Remitly, a digital financial services provider.

“People are getting used to the idea of changing careers at least once in their lifetime as the flexibility to work online and retrain increases. Some of the main reasons people seek a career move are for better work-life balance, higher pay and a more meaningful and fulfilling career,” said Jago McKenzie, Business Management Director at Remitly in a statement.

The company saidthat the concept of a ‘job for life’ has changed dramatically in recent years, with more people looking to switch careers and not settle for one for life.

“We can see a huge range of different professions featuring prominently, including many that can be done solely online, from anywhere in the world,” said McKensie.

“It’s clear that our desire for travel and exploration has not been dimmed by the past couple of years and has even grown, with new emerging roles such as becoming an influencer, being heavily tied to travel, and capturing regular content wherever you are,” added McKensie.

Remitly said that they have looked at global search data to find which jobs are proving most popular with the inhabitants of each country.  The methodology included Google search data,  searching all languages, between October 2021 to October 2022,  in each country for ‘how to be a [job]’ search terms associated with dreaming of a new job or career for every country in the world. The most searched for job was then used as the top career for the specific country.

The company found that the annual search volume for phrases commonly associated with researching a new career such as ‘how to be a poet’ – the most searched for job within every country topping their specific rankings. Meanwhile, “how to become a pilot,” was  favoured by 25 countries in total, including the UK, USA, Canada and Australia

The Top 10 Dream Jobs in the United Arab Emirates

Rank Job Type
1. Poet
2. Scientist
3. YouTuber
4. Influencer
5. Comedian
6. Football coach
7. Footballer
8. Athlete
9. Illustrator
10. Programmer

The Top 10 Dream Jobs Around the World

Rank Job Type
1. Pilot
2. Writer
3. Dancer
4. YouTuber
5. Entrepreneur
6. Actor
7. Influencer
8. Programmer
9. Singer
10. Teacher

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