By Conscious Leadership Consulting and Coaching (CLCC)

For most Ramadan is a month for reflection, self-realisation and a time to ponder upon how we help others and understand our own true worth. It is also a month where we can strengthen our self-belief, giving us the ability to truly grasp the notion of gratitude and appreciation. Dubai-based leadership training company, Conscious Leadership Consulting and Coaching (CLCC), also considers Ramadan to be a month for people of all religions to find their ‘mojo’.

What is your mojo? According to Marshall Goldsmith, the author of bestseller Mojo, it is a person’s natural desire to be the best form of their self. The workshops that accompany the book address the vital phases of gaining mojo, maintaining it and recapturing it after you lose it, which it claims can be useful in any competitive arena, whether personal, business, sport or politics.

Tom Glocer, CEO, Thomson Reuters said: “In Mojo, Marshall shares his scholarship more broadly and teaches us all how to turn inertia in our professional or personal lives into meaning and happiness. There is no more important lesson in business or in life!”

Greg Brown, President and CEO, Motorola said: “Marshall clearly articulates the payoff – for your company, your family, your community, and yourself – of having more meaning and happiness in your life. And he provides a compelling and clear road map for getting you there.”

CLCC director, Triptta Neb, who will be delivering a Dubai workshop on the concept on June 29th, explains the concept of ‘mojo management’ can act as a form of self reinvention: “The UAE’s journey towards fulfilling its quest for happiness mirrors the very core foundation of Mojo.

“Many organisations will mark the holy month with iftars and create an atmosphere of celebration, some will announce bonuses or give their staff a gift cheque to show their gratitude. However, typically organisations do not provide training for their staff during this month and end up not addressing the self-reflection, self-gratitude, and self-reinvention aspects Ramadan. This is largely because of the reduced working hours and energy levels. However, we believe Ramadan is the month that creates the perfect environment for participants to find their mojo.

“Marshall Goldsmith’s principle of Mojo shows how it begins from within and streams outward through our personality. He believes for one to be truly successful at life they must be able to have found their mojo, which plays a vital role in our pursuit towards happiness as it about achieving two simple goals: loving what you do and being able to show it. An intrinsic form of motivation emitting outwardly, it boosts our productivity and our desire in all aspects of life. More importantly it gives us a sense of happiness – an important trait to work upon in any successful business model.

The statistics, which accompany happiness in the workplace, are impressive:

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