Five HR Leaders across the Region Share Insights

Five Thought Leaders. One Question.
The HR Observer reached out to some of the most influential HR leaders in the region for their insights on the importance of wellbeing in the blended working enviroment as we move into the ‘next normal’.

We asked them the following question:
‘‘How are HR conversations evolving around employee wellbeing and mental health, with the adoption of blended working environments?’’

Sarah Young, Head of HR – Middle East & Turkey, Informa, replied — “Concern for employee wellbeing and mental health is more important than ever as we grapple with extreme levels of uncertainty and disruption. At Informa, we have been focusing on the following key areas:

Firstly, empathy and compassion are vital. In HR we must advocate that if we listen to and support a colleague’s individual needs, we are enabling them to bring their best self to work and setting them up for success.

Setting clear expectations and boundaries is important. We advise managers to replace annual objectives with shorter term goals, based on key priorities, as agreed with their team members. This helps people to focus their time and energy. With a clear agreement in place, the manager would have confidence that employees are focused on the right tasks, and the employee would have a sense of direction, purpose & contribution.”

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