The Rise of Blended Workforce in 2021

Businesses have recognised the potential advantages of the blended workforce model for decades – but many have struggled to manifest those advantages. The potential of the blended workforce model has never been so evident – nor so easy to take advantage of – for organisations in the GCC.

  • Are organisations ready to adopt blended workforce models?
  • What’s the most preferred method for hiring contract workers?
  • What are some of the major reasons for choosing contract employees?
  • What are the challenges faced while adopting blended workforce models?

This report explores in detail how online recruitment has boosted the potential of blended workforce in GCC.

“The age of corporate structures is starting to vanish and workers now have the opportunity to work with multiple clients without being attached to one corporate body. This brings in freedom and better work-life balance, and this is what’s attracting younger generations, particularly Gen Zs, to enter the labour market.”— Bandar AlMohamadi, CEO of the government-owned organisation Future Work in Saudi Arabia, told Wamda recently.

A recent survey commissioned by Informa Connect found that most respondents were receptive to the concept of a blended workforce, with 64% saying their organisations were ready to adopt the model.

The dramatic growth of online recruitment portals and gig platforms has the potential to deliver the benefits of blended workforces to a much wider range of organisations.


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