As the GCC continues to grow, Nationalisation is becoming more critical for sustainable development. It is important though to acknowledge that the concept of Nationalisation is not new. Therefore, each GCC country has adopted a variety of different approaches in ensuring that its local population are employable and have opportunities both in the public and private sector.

While nationalisation is important for the sustainability of the region’s development, other factors have contributed to the growing of this phenomenon. This includes the unprecedented increase in the region’s youth population, where today we have many more young national men and women seeking to enter the workplace and contribute to the development of their nation’s economies. Although the pace of these changes is most visible in places like Saudi Arabia, each country has its own strategic plans towards labour market changes.

With 15 critical steps for companies to create, define, and update Emiratisation strategies, this report provides an up-to-date outlook on the progress of this phenomenon in the UAE as well as offers some tips for maintaining a long-term focus for Nationalisation programmes, ensuring a strong, long-term impact.

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