By Trish McFarlane, CEO & Principal Consultant, H3 HR Advisors

Well-being and self-care are more important than ever before. Working from home or other non-traditional places is now a way of life for many employees. Add to that the stressors from the pandemic, having children schooling at home, caring for elderly parents or sick family members, political and social unrest, and an uncertain economy, and you’ve got the perfect storm for employee meltdown.

Leaders, like you, are thinking about what they can do to help employees and themselves through this chaotic time. The goal is to create a supportive, inclusive workplace so that employees are able to remain productive and even excel in their outcomes. In the recent [email protected] study conducted by Oracle, in partnership with Workplace Intelligence, they found that globally, 78% of employees say their mental health is negatively impacted by the pandemic. Fifty percent of millennials and 75% of Gen Z claim they have left roles due to mental health challenges. Leaders are not exempt from the impact. The study found that 85% of executives found it difficult to switch to remote work when it was required.

With all that in mind, we’ve partnered with Oracle to provide information and resources to guide you through your organization’s transition to greater support of wellbeing. These resources address physical health, mental health, social and emotional health, and how to focus on inclusion can aid in reducing the level of stress for employees of all ages, races, genders, and backgrounds. We invite you to use these, and keep them handy, in the coming months as you think about your return-to-work strategy in your organization.

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